Transbiblica is a Christian think-tank for Global Transformation and is registered under societies registration act, India, with Registration No. 2059/ 2012.

The name ‘Transbiblica’ is derived from ‘Biblical Transformation’. The Greek word for Transformation is ‘metamorphoo’, from which we get the English word metamorphosis: i.e., a complete change, such as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Transbiblica is a think-tank of believing Christian professionals who are deeply committed to accelerate establishment God’s Kingdom in various parts of the world. It is registered under the societies registration act with Registration No. 2059/ 2012. It is governed by an Executive Board, who looks after the affairs of the society.

Transbiblica aims to bring together people by providing an opportunity to deliberate, strategize and promote various activities which bring transformation among the nations. Transbiblica also facilitates such people to convert their ‘dreams into realities’ by raising prayer support, technical support and financial support through various means.


Every person celebrates the fullness of Life.


Mobilize the Church (Believing Christians) for the advancement of Kingdom concerns (Peace, Security, Justice, Governance and Environment) by coaching the members, facilitating the Church and partnering with agencies/ Individuals, so that they are engaged in Global Transformation.


Ecclesia (Universal church- The collective body of Christian believers) is called to be SALT and LIGHT of this world, however Christians’ understanding and addressing societal issues is currently limited

Local congregations and Christian networks mostly focus on the issues affecting Christian community, not on the society as a whole

Several Christian organizations also work for societal issues, but they mostly operate through their paid employees, and don’t necessarily engage every Christian


Transbiblica is one such effort to facilitate every believing Christian to obey God’s call in proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

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