Workshop on ‘Creation Care’

For Christian Leaders and Pastors

19 Mar 2022 | Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

In the past few decades, we have witnessed a number of disasters associated with changes in climate. The impact is enormous on human lives, resources, infrastructure etc., and is worth billions of dollars. The changes in climate are disrupting national economies, people are experiencing changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events. India is facing the brunt of climate change and according to a UN report, India, like other developing economies, may lose up to 1.7% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) if the annual mean temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius compared to pre-industrialization level. The United Nations recognizes the need to address the issues of climate change and has incorporated in its Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) which focuses on taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.

As a church, we have God’s given mandate to fulfill care for our creation with broad understanding of knowing its theology, politics and science of the issue.  How do we understand climate change better and what are the ways and means to reduce the negative impacts of climate change? What can we do at our family, community, church and organizational level? What is the government involvement in reducing emissions? What does the Bible say about it? Is there a biblical mandate for ‘creation care’? How can a church be part of protecting the environment? These questions can be answered in the workshop organized by EFICOR in partnership with Transbiblica and supported by the Government of Andhra Pradesh on ‘Creation Care’.

At the end of one- day workshop the participants would have

  1. Reflected Environmental Issues in a Biblical perspective
  2. Aware and Described scientific and social reasons for negative impacts climate change
  3. Identified socio-political issues that are aggravating the impacts of Climate change
  4. Determined the response of organizations/churches on climate change issues as Way Forward

The one day session will cover the following topics: 

  1. Biblical Reflection on Creation Care
  2. Basics of Climate change and its impact on the poor
  3. Major Environmental Issues in Andhra Pradesh
  4. Creation Care and the Role of the Church

The workshop also facilitates the participants to discuss in groups on various environmental issues, identify areas where the communities need to focus, and identify areas what the Church needs to do. At the end of the workshop, an action plan will be developed by the Christian leaders of Andhra Pradesh, and a mechanism to follow-up the plan.