Dear Friends,

Thank you for your participation in ‘God & Migrants’ webinar on 14 June, 2020. We appreciate your passion for God’s work, especially on caring for suffering migrants. I am attaching summary notes from the webinar which we hope will be useful to you. You can pass on the same to your friends and church members who are interested in this issue.

As many of you have already been responding to the issue of migrants, we hope this webinar inspired you to understand perspectives of other like minded people and connect with them.

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Finally, I would like to re-emphasize few action points for the Church:

– Provide human dignity for migrants

– Open churches for migrants/strangers

– Promote and Practice Social Behaviors

We once again thank each one of you for your partnership in God’s Mission.

Yours in Christ

Rajakumar Gollamandla

Honorary Director,